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Vine&Toast is a sister-in-law team here to deliver charcuterie to you. Whether it be gifts, gatherings, or events-we've got you covered! We teamed up to use our Lebanese culture of loving to feed people and a party and incorporating everyone's favorite state of the art, charcuterie. What sets us apart from anything else is our homemade Lebanese spreads. Each board has a story and is customized based on who our customer is and how they want to celebrate. No board is the same! Vine&Toast is a business that promotes celebrating and indulging just like the Lebanese culture of loving to indulge on good food, feed others, and celebrating with family and friends.

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Vine and Toast is the best! My favorite spread is the hummus, it's simply divine! The addition of paprika and olive oil is something I've never thought to add. Their hummus is unlike any other!"



After living in Europe for six months, I learned how to perfect my charcuterie boards. Vine and Toast has been the best job for me because I get to use my idealistic skills and creativity to create the perfect charcuterie experience for a customer. Each order challenges me to strive to exceed a customer's expectations. That's what makes this job so rewarding!


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My love for charcuterie started when I lived in New York City! From this experience, I've learned that there is nothing better than ending a day to "wine" down with a tasteful charcuterie board. Vine and Toast has given this mom such a great way to strive for creativity. Working with my sister-in-law and my best friend makes it that much better!


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For us, food is joy. We love making our customers happy, and can’t wait to meet you!


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